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Scottish Wedding Bands and Wedding Entertainment in Scotland

Your Scottish wedding day is one of the most romantic and important days of your life. Here are some great wedding entertainment ideas to help make your special day even more special...for you...and your guests!

We give you our guarantee that we will always try to get you the lowest price we can for every act.

The Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Photographs and Drinks Reception

The Wedding Breakfast and Evening Reception

When the Bride Arrives...


Wedding Pipers in Scotland

There is nothing more traditional, dramatic and stirring at a Scottish Wedding, than to have Piper playing when the Bride arrives Church or Registry Office. The Piper also plays when the guests are coming out after the Wedding, when the Wedding photographs are being taken, and finally "playing in" the Top Table at Wedding Dinner.

Highland Warriors

Highland Warriors in Scotland

Alternatively, if you wish something even more dramatic, you could have some of our Highland Warriors providing the Guard of Honour outside the Church. Not only can they act as an impressive display outside the Church, they can also entertain your guests with a Highland Sword-Fighting Display later on.

When the photographs are being taken...

You should also think of keeping your guests entertained when you are having your Wedding photographs taken. Very often these days, the Wedding photos can take up to two hours and your guests have to fill that time with a glass of wine and a chat. This is quite difficult, sometimes, if people don't know each other.


Close Up Magician in Scotland

However, one of our excellent Close-Up Magicians can circulate around the guests and entertain them while they are waiting. Not only does this help to break the ice and give people a common talking point, it also creates a happy and exciting atmosphere where people are relaxed, laughing, and enjoying themselves.


Wedding Caricaturists in Scotland

You could also have one of our talented Caricaturists mingling with your guests and doing quick Caricatures of them. This is extremely popular and causes a great deal of interest and laughter.

Harpist or String Quartet

Wedding Harpists and String Quartets in Scotland

Another marvellous idea is to engage one of our talented Harpists or String Quartets to play some beautiful Celtic, Jazz, or Classical music in the background. We can assure you, that there is no more beautiful sound at a Wedding, than a Harpist or String Quartet. It is soothing, relaxing, refined, and encourages conversation.

Jesters and Minstrels

Minstrel for Weddings

If you are being married in a Scottish Castle then you could always consider enhancing the medieval settings by having a Jester or Minstrel wandering around while playing some traditional and classical music on the Lute. Some of our Jesters are also Story-Tellers and can keep children amused for up to an hour with traditional tales, music, and song.

Fight Display

Fight Displays Scotland

Alternatively, if you are more adventurous and have invited our Highland Warriors to the Wedding, they will keep your guests captivated with a thrilling Sword-Fighting Display. That will certainly make it a Wedding to remember!

The Wedding Breakfast...

Barbershop Quartet

Female Barbershop Quartet

Some Brides have loved the idea of having a Barbershop Quartet singing in the background during the meal. This is certainly something different and not something people see (or hear) very often.

The Three Tenors

The Three Tenors in Scotland

For weddings, the three tenors dress up as waiters and then burst into song during the dessert. We can assure you, the guests will remember your wedding for years to come!

During The Speeches...

For adults, the Wedding speeches are one of the highlights of the Wedding - but not for children. Let's face it, having to keep children sitting quietly for an hour during speeches is no fun for the children or the parents.

Children's Entertainers

Childrens Entertainers Scotland

However, fear not, The Magic Agency has the ultimate answer! We can provide a marvellous Children's Entertainer to put on a show for the kids in a separate area, when the speeches are taking place.

Magicians, Clowns, Puppet Shows - we've got them all - and any of these experienced and accomplished artistes will keep children of all ages (and they usually are at Weddings) happy, occupied, and entertained from one to two hours.

Not only does this give the parents some peace (for which they shall bless you, forever), it also means the Best Man can tell his best stories without having to worry about "little ears" listening.

The Evening Reception...

Chocolate Fountains and Falls

Chocolate Falls in Scotland

Why not add the WOW factor to your wedding by having one of our Chocolate Fountains or Falls.

The delicious Belgian chocolate melts in the base of the tiered fountain before rising through the centre. The velvety, smooth chocolate then gently cascades over the tiers creating a stunning "waterfall" effect.

The visual impact is incredible but it's the aroma that will tantalize your guests' senses as the room fills with the intoxicating chocolate fragrance.

A variety of delicacies are provided to dip, fondue-like, into the flowing chocolate.

Most people close their eyes as they savour the devilishly divine dessert

Most ladies admit it's better than...most other things.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands in Scotland

Now it's time for music and dancing. The choice is yours - Modern Wedding Band, Ceilidh Band, Soul Band, or Jazz Band. In fact, many good bands can do a mixture of all types of music.

However, if space or budget means that you can't accommodate a four to eight piece band - then don't worry. We have quite a few Duos (Guitar/Keyboards plus Singer) on our books which sound just as good as a full band. They don't take up much space but they can produce a marvellous sound and get people up dancing.

We also have a great selection of Professional DJs with superb sound and lighting equipment that are experts in Wedding Dances.

The Big Finale!

Firework Displays

Professional Firework Displays in Scotland

As the Bride and Groom are leaving on their honeymoon, or just when the evening is coming to an end, you could have a spectacular 7-10 minute Fire-Works Display. This would light up the sky and be the ideal way to mark the end of your special day, and the beginning of your married life together.

We have a team of professional Pyrotechnicians who will put on an excellent display to suit all budgets.

To Hire An Artist, Service Or Attraction

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