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Murder Mystery Evenings in Scotland


Cluedo Mobile Murder Mystery Nights in Scotland

Murder Mystery Evenings in Scotland

Murder-mystery evenings are one of the country's fastest-growing forms of entertainment.

From country hotels to stately homes, from castles to restaurants, amateur sleuths are competing with each other to find out "whodunnit" and and solve the mystery. Indeed, these would-be Miss Marples and Sherlock Holmes are as much part of the show as the costumed actors!

The Magic Agency offers a number of titles, from the familiar Cluedo (always a good one for introducing audiences to such events) to a Seventies Music Themed Show, a Christmas Murder, and an atmospheric foul deed set in 1746 during the Jacobite Revolution.

If a new murder-mystery is required, our writers will compose a new show for you to suit a particular event and its required theme. The only limit is your own imagination.

So how does it work?

The Magic Agency believe murder-mystery nights should be interactive and not an occasion for guests to sit as though they were in a theatre.

Before dinner is served, an actor will present a preamble, setting the scene for what is about to unfold throughout the evening. Then other cast members will enter, engaging with small groups of guests or individual diners, telling their own stories and their part in the plot.

Amid the hilarity, important clues are being relayed and it might be best for audiences to have a notepad or two to hand!

But the revelry is interrupted by a despicable act - "There's been a murrrderrr!"

We COULD just call the police but there has been enough observation by the guests to solve it between them so why bother plod at this late hour? So, the guests are then formed into teams and a Question and Answer session begins.

It could be one of the actors. Or all of them. Or that funny-looking waiter. Or the noisy guy at table number four.

Who? And why? And how?

That is for YOU to figure out.

The winning team is suitably rewarded and as the actors end it all, you'll be asking when the next murder-mystery night is.

The shows usually last around two and a half hours, depending on the level of interaction. Small parties still get at least two hours.

The Magic Agency will provide a full publicity package of photos and information and even a short video for the venue's website.

Local press?

An actor will be delighted to give an interview.

Titles include


Set against the impending wedding of Doctor "Barty" Black and the delectable Miss Sarah Scarlett. What could possibly go wrong???

Slam Bam thank You Ma'am

A Glam Rock murder set in 1973. Slade and T.Rex are riding high in the charts. Sweet and Bowie have just released almost identical singles. Their respective representatives are not happy about it. Who ripped off who? 70's disco can follow the show.

Bonnie Prince Charlie's Brooch.

A modern murder mystery for smaller parties. A dodgy antiques dealer and ageing museum curator vie for possession of the plaid pin of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Who Shot Santa Claus?

Aye, who? And why? Ideal for Christmas parties.

Singing in the Rigging.

A pirate murder-mystery. Dress for the occasion. And be prepared for the singalong.

To Hire An Artist, Service Or Attraction

If you wish to get a quote and check availability, then please email us by filling in the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

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