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Magical Illusionists in Scotland

Illusionists are magicians who perform a larger-style cabaret or stage act with patter, silently to music, or a combination of both. Here are a few of the top illusionist acts represented by The Magic Agency.

Art of Illusion

Art of Illusion Chris de Rosa is one of the best Illusionists we've seen in Scotland. Fast, slick, with pulsing music and stylish choreography, he bombards the senses of the audience with his mind-boggling and dangerous Illusions.

Sawing a lady in half is not good enough for Chris - he cuts her into three! Chris and his pretty assistant appear, disappear, and defy the laws of nature in marvellous act that can last anywhere from 2-3 minutes to 2 hours.

Chris has performed his death-defying act on Cruise ships and at weddings, corporate functions, and venues all over the World.

He is also in high demand for Car Launches and Promotional work. He has worked on promotions for companies such as Canon, Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Scottish Power, Ford Motors, Nissan, and BMW.

Triple Zig-Zag His Theatre work includes, The Pavillion, The Gaiety, Bridlington Spa, Paradise Room Blackpool, Eastbourne, and the Theatre Royal London.

Chris is also a Master Illusion builder and, in association with The Magic Agency, can construct unique Illusions for Company promotions. You want a car to appear by Magic? Then contact this Agency.

So if you want a breath-taking form of entertainment for your Wedding, Function, or Promotion - The Art of Illusion - will give your guests something to talk about for years to come!

Fluke - Mistress of Deception

FlukeFluke is a highly-talented and beautiful magician, who has performed her acts around the World. She has also created some of the most striking and memorable characters you will ever see in Magic. Her marvellously acrobatic and balletic acts are performed to strange music and will leave any audience speechless and spellbound.

The Wizard

"A hooded figure appears...gloved hands emerge from the sleeves of a Wizard's cloak and then inexplicably burst into flames...The hood is peeled back to reveal a dramatic face...

The WizardAs Fluke glides around the stage, she produces an unbelievable number of balls, cards, silks, and and streamers from her mouth, the top of her head, and even her ears! Hundreds of metres of brightly coloured silks and streamers fly into the air in a Firework effect. As one silk falls to the ground, Fluke effortlessly bends over backwards and retrieves it with her teeth. The act builds to a terrific crescendo as red smoke pours from her head!"

The acts duration is 20 minutes and can be performed almost anywhere.

The Creature

The CreatureFor more bizarre tastes, Fluke can also perform "The Creature". Part Spider, part Monkey, part unidentified! This was once described as "something a monster spat out".

"A sack wriggles onto the dance-floor...slowly the Creature tumbles out and contorts it's limbs into unbelievably strange positions and balances. It possesses an array of unworldy goods...candles combust own their own, candles are eaten, skulls with glowing eyes have a life of their own!"

This mesmeric, energetic and fiery ritual is definitely one that any audience won't forget in a hurry!

The acts duration is 10 minutes, and again, can be performed almost anywhere.

Walk-a-bout Attractions

Fluke can also provide two marvellous characters for walk-a-bout performances at functions, events and promotions.


JinnxRobed in a beautiful costume and with quirky and agile movements, Jinnx mingles amounst the guests. Impish one moment, witty the next, and in the twinkling of an eye, a woman of mystery and deception. Jinnx delights in producing red lights from people's hair and putting them in her mouth which then glows. When she swallows them - her stomach illuminates!

A haunted key slowly revolves in her hand and gold and silver coins mysteriously appear and vanish. A silver ball floats around her and floats in the air. Wisps of smoke appear from her hands and cutlery moves around the table on it's own!

If you are looking for close-up magic and visual entertainment of the highest calibre for an important event, then we lesser mortals at The Magic Agency, recommend Jinnx without reservation.


RotAargh! We got a fright we first met Rottus Rotweiller - known as Rot to his undead friends. Shuffling around with a living, dismembered hand he is definitely the perfect Butler to meet your guests when they arrive for the Ball. Well steeped in the arcane mysteries of ancient Magic, he has the power to amaze, suprise, bewilder, and sometimes unnerve your guests. Unforgettable!

So if you wish something really exciting, beautiful, strange or bizzarre for your event or function, you can rely on Fluke - the Mistress of Deception to amaze and enchant your audience with her shows or walk-a-bout creations.

To Hire An Artist, Service Or Attraction

If you wish to get a quote and check availability, then please email us by filling in the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

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