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Fun Equipment

Giant Slide


Bouncy Castles, Inflatables and Fun Equipment in Scotland

There is no better way of turning a small event into a big event, than by hiring some of our Inflatables or Fun Equipment. They add colour, spectacle, and act as a focal point around which everything else can revolve.

Whether you want a Rodeo Bull for your 40th Birthday Party, a Giant Slide for your gala, or an assortment of equipment for your company's Open Day or Team Building Training, then we can supply it.

Our previous clients include the Scottish Football Association, HSBC, Winter Fest, Stirling Council, Glasgow University, University of Paisley, Strathclyde University, Clydesdale Bank and hundreds of Gala Days and private events throughout Scotland.

Why hire from us?

Experience and Knowledge

We have been in the Fun Equipment Hire Business for over twenty years and this is one of our specialist areas. We know the about the setup requirements for each piece of equipment, the Health and Safety Guidelines, equipment test procedures, Public Liablity, and Risk Assessments. In short, we do all the background work to ensure that your event runs smoothly, safely, and with minimum risk to the participants.


We have built our reputation on good service and reliability. When you book us, then we will be there on the day.

Health and Safety, Insurance, Supervision, and Risk Assessments

All of our Fun Equipment has a current safety certificate, full Public Liability Insurance, and we can supply experienced supervision staff, if required. We can also provide you with Risk Assessments.

Now have some fun!

Now that we've told you of how seriously we take our Fun Business, you can have some fun browsing through our list of mad equipment. If you are interested in anything, or need more information, then give us a ring on 0141 577 6604 for friendly advice and a quote.

Even if you don't see what you're after, give us a ring anyway. We might be able to get it for you.

Rodeo Bulls

Rodeo Bull

Yeeehaa! Stay on until you fall off. This bull rocks and spins and always wins.

The movement and speed are controlled by the operator making it suitable for adults or children.

The unit is surrounded by an inflatable crash mat.

Area required: 15ft x 15ft x 10ft high

Fly Walls

Fly Wall

Stick on your Velcro suit, run and jump as high as you can, and stick to the Velcro covered inflatable.

To ensure safe and sucessful sticking, two strong men with arms like tree-trunks, gently assist your gymnastic girations.

Kids Fly Wall: 12ft x 12ft x 10ft high.

Adult Fly Wall: 14ft x 14ft x 15ft high.

Paintball Shooting Gallery

Paintball Shooting

The latest innovation - paintless paintball. This is a shooting gallery with four lanes where paintball guns are used to fire paintless rounds at moving LED targets.

It is safe, clean, and the addition of the scoring system makes it highly competitive.

24ft x 18ft

Inflatable Laser Tag Shooting Game

Mobile Laser Shooting Game

This is biggest and best portable Laser Tag Shooting Game in Scotland. The main inflatable covers 900 square feet and has 17 rooms to explore.

In the briefing area you and your team will kitted out with a target vest and laser gun before setting out to hunt for your opponents in the dark.

Each gun keeps an individual score making this game suitable for team or individual competition.

Supplied with operators, this system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

35ft x 35ft

The Equaliser


Two opponents, joined by bungie rope, try to get their marker to the end of the inflatable.

Of course, they have to pull their opponent back to do it. You have to come and go a bit to win this. Hilarious!

35ft x 16ft

Football Target Game plus Sponge Throwing


Two games for the price of one!

Contestants try to score by kicking the ball through holes surrounding the goalie.

Turn it around, have people stick their heads through, and you have sponge throwing. Hooray!

Radar Football

A great game to test your footballing skills!

Young and aging Beckham wannabees try to score by kicking the ball the holes in the back wall. The speed of their shot is measured by Radar which informs them just how good or feeble their shots are.

If that ain't hard enough, you can add a real goalie for some extra fun.

For additional satisfaction, we can arrange for your favourite politicians or "celebrities" to stick their heads through the holes at the back...

15ft x 10ft

Gladiator Jousting

Gladiator Jousting

You remember seeing it on the televison series "Gladiators" - now try it yourself!

These units come in different styles and sizes, but your mission, should you choose to accept it, remains the same....clobber your opponent off their perch.

An excellent example of alternative stress therapy.

15ft x 15ft

Gladiator Jousting 2

more Gladiator Jousting

An example of "different style and size" ...in case you didn't believe us.

18ft x 18ft

Bouncy Boxing

Bouncy Boxing

Put two people in a bouncy, boxing ring (why do they call it a "ring" when it's a square...deep eh?), give them HUGE boxing gloves, and what do you get? A HUGE laugh, that's what!

They can hardly stand up, never mind hit each other!

An old favourite, but still a big HIT with adults and children.

15ft x 15ft

Giant Slides

Giant Slide

These crowd-pullers are available in different styles and sizes. They are ideal for big events as they can deal with large numbers of children very quickly.

The lovely slide opposite is 20ft long x 12ft wide. Pity it's just for kids!

We also do bigger ones at 27ft x 16ft - not recommended for your back garden!

Bungie Football

Bungie Football

So you think you're good at football? Wait until you try this! Two teams, of up to seven players, are attached to bungie ropes and restricted to their area of the pitch.

Let the games commence!

Great fun, a lot of laughs, and good for team-building...or demolishing.

55ft x 35ft

Inflatable Mazes


Completely enclosed and waterproof, these are great for events in Scotland. The kids just go in, explore, bounce - and we don't let them out again.

The maze opposite is 35ft x 25ft.

Pole Jousting

Pole Jousting

Sit on the pole and try knocking your opponent off with pugil sticks, pillows, or boxing gloves.

The choice is yours - depending how tough you are.

The usual unit has a padded, solid frame. The excellent model opposite is an inflatable version.

12ft x 12ft

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

One of the silliest and most popular items.

Each person wears an inflated or padded sumo suit and tries to push or lift their padded or inflated opponent off the padded or inflated mat.

Padded or inflated - it's silly, but great fun!

16ft x 16ft

Inflatable Assault Courses

Assualt Course

They run, jump, climb, gasp, and wobble their way along these monster assault courses, and when they have finished, and are begging for mercy...we make them do all over again.

Our granny's love it (watching, we mean).

30ft long x 14ft wide x 12ft high

Bungie Runs

Bungie Run

An old favourite and still very popular.

The two opponents are attached to bungie ropes and have to run up their lane and stick their baton to the wall before they shoot back down at 200 mph...well...perhaps 199 mph.

Average size is 35ft long x 12ft wide

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Each rifle shoots a laser beam, complete with realistic, amplified sound effect, and registers if you hit the flying clay.

Five rifles, trap, electronic score board, and clays.

15ft x 20ft plus safety area for clays landing of 60ft



The brave one stands in Gyro, holds on, and then is spun by the kindly operator. The one with no fear can change direction by using body movements.

The sense of weightlessness is tremendous. Just like being in Star Wars...or in the pub.

16ft x 16ft floor area



Rigid frame marquees. An oasis of peace and rest from the madness outside.

Sizes start at 25ft x 25ft



The little brothers of the Giant Slides. Don't laugh, we were all young once.

Ideal for smaller events and parties.

10ft high with a slide area of 25ft x 15ft.

Quad Bikes

Quad Bikes

For junior racing drivers. Three or more 50cc bikes for kids to whizz round and round and round and....

All contained within an inflatable barrier.

Barrier size 60ft x 60ft

Surf Simulator

Surf Simulator

Try and stay on as board moves from side to side. Great for theme parties or promotions.

Notice the obligatory Scottish beach wear. Well, it's cold in Largs!

Area required: 12ft x 12ft x 9ft high

Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls

Okay, they are not Munro's, but kids love climbing on them. No climbing boots, ice picks, or funny hats allowed.

16ft x 14ft x 12ft

Cliff Hanger

Climbing Wall Combo

Climbing Wall and Assault Course combined in one. The two fearless ones, scrabble through the Assualt Course, climb the 18ft high wall, put their marker on the top, and scrabble back down again. First home, wins the game.

Great for indviduals or groups.

20ft x 14ft x 18ft high

Pirate, Lion, and Underwater Play Dens

Play Dens

Something a bit different from a normal Bouncy Castle. The Pirates' Den has a bouncy area with pop up pirates to run around on the way to the slide.

The Lions' Den is an identical design but with a circus lion theme. Our Underwater Adventure has two holes to climb through and once inside there are jumping dolphins and other sea creatures to run around and play with.

Average size: 16ft x 12ft (4.8 x 3.66 metres)

Jungle Run and Jungle Run with Slide

Jungle Run with Slide

Again, another alternative to standard Bouncy Castles. Kids climb through the animals' mouths and can then bounce against the biff and bash creatures and wrestle their way through the squeeze wall into the bouncy zone.

The photos show the Jungle Run combined with a slide to make a great obstacle course.

Average size: 20ft x 12ft (6 x 3.66 metres)

With slide: 40ft x 12ft (12 x 3.66 metres)

Inflatable Suits
Inflatable Suits

Bigger and better than standard costumes for events or promotions. Wear one of these to the ball and you are sure to meet your ideal match.

Grab-A-Grand Booth
Grab a grand

The greedy one enters the booth, the fan is switched on, and suddenly the air is filled with thousands of pounds flying around.

How much money do you think you could grab? We'll let you into a secret. It's not as easy as you think!

A big laugh and great for promotions and fund-raising.

We supply Fun Money, but, if you're rich, you can use real money (and if you're not married, then we'd like to meet you!).

We advise strongly against wearing a Marilyn Monroe type dress in this booth. Sorry guys...but that's the way it is...

5ft x 6ft x 10ft high

Mini-Ferris Wheels

Ferris Wheel

Turn a carousel on it's side - and what do you get? An excellent attraction for any event! Complete with operator and generator.

Average size: 18ft in vertical diameter



Another great attraction for the younger children and members of the board.

Average size: 20ft in diameter

Bouncy Castles

Bouncy Castles

Still one of the best attractions for any party or event. We have lots of styles and shapes. The castles are the 12ft x 12ft super-deluxe ones. They come with raincovers and safety mats.

8ft x 8ft, 10ft x 10ft, 12ft x 12ft, 12ft x 14ft

15ft x 15ft, 20ft x 10ft, 25ft x25ft

Ball Bouncers

Same as Bouncy Castles only they have a wall at the front so the operator can put balls in. 10ft x 10ft

Ball Ponds

Inflate a swimming pool - throw in 100-200 balls - and you have a great novelty for under fives.
6ft x 7ft

Archery Equipment

Professional targets, bows and arrows make this something different and fun. Bows for adults or children.
An instructor can be provided if necessary.

Giant Games

Connect 4, Chess, Draughts, Ten Pin Bowling, Inflatable Balls...we got them all.

To Hire An Artist, Service Or Attraction

If you wish to get a quote and check availability, then please email us by filling in the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

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