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Race Nights in Scotland


Race Nights and Mobile Race Nights in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland

Race Nights in Scotland

The Magic Agency provides superb, professional Race Nights for Fund-raising and Corporate Hospitality in Glasgow and Scotland.

A Race Night is one of the most effective ways to raise money for your favourite charity, club or good cause.

Raise Thousands Of Pounds For Your Club or Good Cause

Even after deducting our presenter's modest fee, our Race Nights, with say a hundred people attending, raise at least £1000-£1500. If you sell more tickets or have even more people attending, then it can be £1500-£2500.

It's Really Easy With Our Computerised System

All you need to do is to supply three people (the bookies) to take the bets, and our presenter will do the rest.

We give each bookie a laptop - but they don't need to be computer literate.

To take a bet, all they do is press a button. This records the bet and prints out the betting slip for the punter

At the end of each race, their laptops show which horse has won and how much to pay out.

It could not be simpler!

No silly cloakroom tickets, no calculations, no working out odds, no mistakes, no arguments about payouts, no hassles!

Whether you've run a Race Night before or not, our system is the easiest and most effective way to do it.

Our Professional Race Nights Include:

  • A highly-experienced, professional Race Night presenter to run it for you.
  • Races on DVD with an LCD projection system.
  • Suitable screen for crowd or venue size - up to 8ftx8ft or multiple screens.
  • A full PA system and background music for the duration of the race night.
  • A computer-controlled betting system.
  • Computerised tracking of all the bets placed all night.
  • Computerised calculation of all tote prices for all horses in all races.
  • All horse names and owners come up on the screen before each race.
  • Friendly help and advice to help you organise and run your Race Night.

At the end of the evening, we will also provide you with a computer printout which will accurately list the money you received in bets, the money paid out in winnings, and your remaining profit. This is a very useful record that shows your Race Night was run fairly and within the law. So, if anyone asks - you are covered.

Race Nights in Scotland

Professional Presenters

We do not use teenagers or DJs who also do occasional Race Nights. The Magic Agency only uses professional presenters who specialise in Race Nights and have years of experience in running them successfully. Time after time, our clients have complimented us on the skill, reliability and professionalism of our Race Night presenters. Presenting a Race Night is challenging and skillful job, and we only supply the best presenters to our clients.

Exciting Horse Races!

We use superb, highly-competitive races which are guaranteed to entertain your guests and keep them on the edges of their seats all night!


All of our presenters carry spare parts and cables. Therefore, in the unlikely event of something failing, they can replace it and get up and running quickly again.

There Is No Substitute For Quality

Every year, without fail, we get many urgent phone calls from people who have been let down at the last moment by other Race Night operators. Some we can help and some we can't. There is really no need for you to run a Race Night on the cheap. It is a very prestigious event which will reflect the reputation and public image of your club or charity. You will have 100-200 people attending and make thousands of pounds. For a little more, you can hire a high-quality and reliable Race Night from us and STILL make a huge profit.

Race Nights are not an occasional job or hobby for us - they are our business.

Corporate Hospitality

You don't charge the guests. Every guest is given some fun money at the start of the evening. They then use the fun money to bet on horses.

At the end of the evening, the guest (or guests) with the most fun-money, wins a prize.

Mobile Race Nights in Scotland


Race Nights are a great way of raising money for your favourite charity or good cause. An average Race Night with a hundred people at it will give you a profit of about £1000-£1500. But many of our clients have earned much more.

Here's how it works.

Before the night...

You sell as many tickets as you can at £5 pounds each - 100 tickets = £500!

You sell the eight horses in every race (except the auction race). They pay £5 to own a horse and call it a name. There are eight horses in each race - so for five races (assuming you've booked our five races plus an auction race package), you would receive £200. Deduct £50 for five bottles of vodka and that leaves you a £150 profit even before the Race Night begins.

On the Night...

All the guests bet on a horse or horses at £1 a bet.

The computer prints out a betting slip for each punter and keeps track of all bets.

It works out the tote for the race and tells you how much to pay to the winners.

We usually recommend that you pay out 50% of the money taken in winning but the payout can be altered to whatever you want.

The last race is called the Auction Race, and the presenter will auction off each horse to the highest bidder.

Organising a Typical Race Night

Before the Event…

Firstly - advertise and sell tickets - your crowd will ultimately determine the success of the night.

Secondly - organise prizes for each of the winning owners in the races.

Thirdly - sell off eight horses in each race (except the final race which will be the auction race). If you get the prizes before you sell the horses you can use the quality of the prizes to determine how much you can charge for the horses.

Example: If you get a bottle of spirits for each race worth around £10, then you can sell each horse for between £2 and £5. A more expensive prize may justify a higher price tag on the horses. However, we feel that charging £5 a horse is reasonable in most fund-raising situations.

Whilst the horses are selling you can be considering organising/getting prizes for other games and fund raising opportunities which will be available to you on the night. Full details of these will be supplied in your race night pack which will be sent to you on booking.

On the night…

You will need to organise bookies who will sell the bets to your guests. Your bookies should have the following skills: be able to use a mouse on a computer and be able to deal with money i.e. give change.

You will be required to organise the selling of stand up bingo tickets and collecting money from auction winners.

Note: The presenter will not handle money collected for the benefiting charity.

Whoa!! Information Overload! How Am I Supposed To Remember All Of That?

You don't. We will send you a simple and concise Race Pack which will tell you what to do before and during the Race Night. You can also contact us at any time if you have any questions. Easy-Peasy.

Remember - all you have to do is sell your tickets and horses, provide the prizes and bookies, and we will do everything else for you on the night!

More Fun and Fund-raising ideas

Be sure to visit our Casino Nights and Texas Hold'em Nights pages for more exciting ideas for corporate entertainment and fund-raising.

Just A Few Of Our Many Testimonials About Our Professional Race Nights

"Fabulous night, all in all we raised 2.3k!"
Stacey Hogg, St Joseph's Church, Clarkston.

"Yes the whole night was fantastic! Made things so much easier, really well organised. Will definitely be using you again for our next race night!"
Kimberley MacLennan, Digby Brown Solicitors, Aberdeen.

"We had a fantastic night...with a fantastic host! The presenter made our night run smoothly and efficiently."
Laura Murdoch, Student Recruitment Coordinator, University of the West of Scotland.

"Absolutely fantastic. The fella was great. Got the crowd well involved, and managed this with a difficult crowd at that. Would happily have him back out for our next one."
Chris Maloney, AFC.

"It went really well and she raised £1300 in total which was excellent. Everyone said they enjoyed the night and the leftover sandwiches went to the homeless! Thanks again!"
Orla Kelly.

"Everyone had a fantastic night and the compere was great. Thank you very much and if we do another one in the future we will be in touch."
Mark Hodge.

"It was absolutely brilliant thank you. So many people have asked for your details for race nights that they have coming up, which I have passed on.
We raised £2,000 from the race night and my total charity fund is £3,700.
It was a great night and I couldn't recommend the Magic agency highly enough.
Thanks again,"
Alison Murray, Fundraiser on behalf of Make A Wish Foundation.

"Fantastic as always. I have also passed on the company details to 2 other people since the event!
Thanks again."
Michael Dalton, Perth.

"Just a note on behalf of Biggar Rotary to say a big thankyou for the excellent organisiation and presentation of our race night. The compere was excellent and the automated tote machine was a huge asset which took all the stress away from have to manually do this. We could not have done it smoothly on our own.
We made £1400 clear for local charities, and the evening was enjoyed by all.
Thanks again and we hope to use you again next year."
Douglas Low, Rotary Club of Biggar.

"They were absolutely wonderful with the crowd, with timings and keeping us all right. Please pass on our most sincere thanks. We look forward to holding another one next year and will most definitely be asking for the two of them again.
Kind regards,"
Roz Bruneau, Bellhaven Hill School, Dunbar.

"Yes it was a fantastic night and the presenter was great. We will definitely be using you again next year for the team race night."
Michael Douglas.

"Saturday evening was a huge success - thank you. David (our presenter) was professional and fun at the same time. We had people in attendance who have attended several race nights in the past few years and all agreed that David was the best presenter they had come across.
Should we decide to do a similar thing in the future, I will be sure to be in touch with you."
Mike Gale, Bellhaven School.

"Yes everything went really well - we raised over £2500 which was fantastic."
Lydia Jack, Cancer Support Scotland..

"Just to let you know that my client was extremely happy with his event last night. All went well and thanks for your help. Will def use you again when the opportunity arises."
Tony Barnes, West Street Marketing.

"I would like to thank you, the presenter and all that helped make our race night a success. The night went smoothly with big thanks to the compere for the night. We would recommend the Magic Agency to anyone looking to hold a race night as the guys were very helpful and professional. We raised over £1000 for 2 fantastic charities and had a great night in the process. Again big thanks to the Magic Agency (we will definitely be using you again) who lived up to the billing of "not just a DJ that happens to do race nights",
Many thanks.
Keiran McAuley, Cue and Review Print Speaking to the Blind.

"Having used the Magic Agency to host and help organise my race night for the second year in row, I must thank them for all their help. The pre race night pack is very helpful and saved me a lot of time. We have a had a different presenter each night and they were both excellent and certainly helped raise as much money as possible.
If I organise another race night next year I will certainly be using the Magic Agency.
Ally Abernethy, Greenock Wanderers RFC.

"Yes, everyone had a great night and were very happy with the service, If anyone is looking to do a race night, I will be recommending yours for sure.
Thanks again, Iain.
Iain Miller, Falkirk.

"To The Magic Agency,
Just a quick thank you for all your help organising our Race Night. We had a very successful night, raising £1,116.50 for our primary school. Thank you to our presenter David, for his advice the week of the race night and for making everything go so well and smoothly on the night. I have been delighted with all my dealings with your company and will definitely recommend you to other people."
Angela Munro.

"Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you (Race Night) for Saturday night. The presenter did a good job and the night ran very smoothly, we raised well over £1000 for Bobath Scotland.
Thanks again,"
Graeme Hughes.

"Just a few words to thank you on behalf of the Rotary Club of Loudoun. Our race night on the 21st May was an outstanding success and that was due in no small way to the skill and professionalism of the presenter, whom you arranged to attend and compere the evening. We managed to raise in excess of £1000 for local charities but beyond that everyone who attended enjoyed themselves and commented to that effect. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any other group or organisation who were looking to raise funds in this manner.
Best regards,"
Jim Duffy, Rotary Club of Loudoun.

"I would like to thank you for all your help in organising our race night. I thought fraser was great on the night. We raised £6002.40 on the night for helprosswalk.co.uk. Cheers, Ryan."
Ryan Beattie, Rutherglen Glencairn Football Social Club.

"Yes, the race presenter was excellent and we raised loads of money. I won't hesitate to pass your details on and will contact you next year for our night. Thanks again."
Ronnie McDowell, Contracts Director, City Gate (Construction) Scotland Limited).

"We had a fabulous night and managed to raise just over £1300 - and that was with just 50 people there. It was a great laugh and everyone had a ball. Would highly recommend your company as you def made it a lot easier and gave us ways to make that bit extra. Your presenter was brilliant and kept the crowd going. Thanks very much. We look forward to using your company again. Many thanks."
Pamela Laird, Fin and Co.

"We just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic evening yesterday. Everyone who came along had a great time, which was even more enjoyable by Steve and his great presentation. We would also like to thank him for his flexibility in running the stand up bingo to accommodate some additional prizes that had been donated for the evening. Before the event I had expected to raise maybe £600-£700 on the night but thanks to Steve's presentation it looks as though after the costs for running the evening have been accounted for we have raised over £1200. On behalf of all at the 75th Blackford Scout Group. Many Thanks."
Matt McGlone, 75th Blackford Scout Group.

"Many thanks again for your help. The feedback from the event has been extremely positive."
David Clark, Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland.

"Made £2000 for charity last night with the Race Night. Everything went well. Julie and Duncan were amaz'n. Hope to use you again soon.
Franklyns Bar, Bellshill.

"Just a quick note to say thank you. Our race night on Friday was a huge success. We took over £1200 on the night through betting and the final race alone. In particular we would like you to pass on our thanks to Fraser. He did a fantastic job at running the race night - the pace was just right and he was brilliant at autioning off the horses. We have had a number of guests comment on how well he did. We would certainly recommend The Magic Agency to anyone else running a race night."
Gill Rust, Legal Adviser, Standard Life Employee Services Limited.

"Please pass on my thanks to David for a great evening last week. All the staff had a great night." - Lorien Resourcing.

"The guy who came along did a fantastic job and the audience were very impressed with the whole set up! We will definetely use them again next year. We managed to raise over £900 for club funds! Thanks once again." - Gregg, Social Convenor, Clarkston Bowling and Tennis Club.

"Just a quick email to pass on my thanks for supplying the Race Night operators and also to Dave who hosted and ran a slick event. All, without question, thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it can only be described as yet another success for the Magic Agency. Once again thank you."
Graeme Lungley, C1, Efficiency Development Officer, Civil Secretariat, HQ 2 Div.

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