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Street Entertainment in Scotland

Street Entertainer

Street Entertainers and Performers in Scotland

Obviously many of our Magicians, Jugglers, Clowns, Stilt-Walkers, Robotics artistes etc can be used to entertain people in the street or at events. However, we have given the entertainers below their own page because of the unusual nature of their entertainment.

Comedy Performers

Ever helpful and ever willing, our roving packs of Street Performers will ensure that lunacy rules at your Event, Promotion, or Street Party. Just imagine the Monty Python team high on Iron Bru and Tunnock's Caramel wafers - and you'll have the right idea.

The Paparazzi

The PaparazziAlways looking for that perfect shot and exclusive quote, these 'flash-popping hacks' spot celebrities at every turn. 'Hang on...there's Babs Windsor!'

The Old Butlers

The Old ButlersGood old-fashioned decorum from the last bastions of more civilised times. Teacakes are proffered with just a hint of senility, they've been 'in service' for some time. (may also be BUTLERS or OLD MAIDS).'

The Elvis Cleaning Company

The Elvis Cleaning CompanyHighly efficient and dedicated, the Memphis Crew spread the word ... 'Cleanliness is next to Presliness'. They love their work, and often burst into song as they polish up the town.

The Brooklyn Wiseguys

Brooklyn WiseguysWhat's the matter wid yew? De're hitting the town with money to burn... 'How ya doin'? Where's da Casino?' 'Here Baby, buy ya mudda a noo dress ... Disco! Disco!'

Redman Blueman

Blueman RedmanProwling Redman tracks down hapless Blueman for a cartoon showdown - leading inevitably to 'boxing with flaming loaves'.

Bond & Company

Bond and CompanyAn assortment of villains including vague resemblances to Blofeld, Jaws and Solitaire, the occasional Henchman, and sometimes Mr. Bond himself. On a good day they have been known to have a ski-chase through the dining room.

The Banditos

The BanditosHey Gringo! These Banditos whoop into town looking for some urgent dental treatment and tequila. In fact, tequila will suffice. 'Ay Caramba!'

Emotional Security

The Emotional Security ServiceSometimes what the public needs is a nice cup of tea and a cuddle. These sensitive guys are ever vigilant.

Alien Bus Party

Alien Bus Party photoAccompanied by a tour guide, these extra-terrestrials love to explore and communicate with Earthlings in the interest of inter-galactic cultural exchange. Especially on short parades.

Hotdogs in trouble

Giant Hotdogs in trouble Hotdogs stick together on the streets ... there's some mean looking condiments out there ... like Mr. Mustard and Mr. Ketchup.

The Cossacks

The Flying CossacksThese traditional acrobatic performers can leap up to two feet into the air (with the aid of their mini-trampoline). Tend to suffer injuries on a regular basis and often need to be accompanied by a qualified nurse when engaged in demonstrations.

Other Comedy Characters

The Sisters of No Mercy - Nurses with attitude and huge syringes!.

The Bay City Rollers Fan Club - They pounce on anyone who looks like Woody.

Cowboys Last Roundup - Yeehaa!

Greenock Yacht Club - Complete with Captains Hats and Blazers.

Hollywood Stars - Director Orsum Smelles is accompanied by various characters.

Dinner Monitors - Eat you greens Wilkins, or you'll lose your privileges...

The Tom Jones Fan Club - They think anyone is Tom Jones!

The Spotters - Post-boxes, Ships, Buses or Tanning Salons - they'll spot anything.

The Spivs - They can sell you anything from 'Vitality Potions' to Time Shares in Falkirk.

The Pedestrian Grand Prix - Leg-powered racing cars compete for the Gold Cup complete with commentator.

The Glamourpusses - Donnasmella Verscratchy and Sophia Lo-Rent turn up at all the classy events, with 'friendly' advice on make-up, fashion and men for those less fortunate than themselves.

Heavy Metal Roadies -As far as they're concerned, nothing is loud enough. It needs to be 'miked up', checked, and tested for feedback. 'One two, one two, one two, one two etc etc ....

The Van Goghs - A whole gang of Vincents (slightly hard of hearing) enthusiastically create 'impressionistic masterpieces' worthy of a five-year old, as they crowd around their subject - be it litterbin or passer-by (may also be 'ANDY WARHOLS' or 'FRENCH MASTERS').

The Big Babies - Toddlers can be quite a handful can't they? But never fear, Nanny has them under control....sort of .....

The Unsolicited Advisors - These Civic Guides are eager to help. Too eager. Directions, health tips and fashion advice are all dispensed with earnest sincerity.

Carnival of Curiosities - Theodore Fenwicke's three Victorian booths house 'The Man Eating Chicken' 'The Fortune-Telling Head' and 'The Wildman' of Kelvindale'. Roll up! Roll up!

Vegas Wedding Chapel - Elijah Van Heusen is delighted to perform up to 100 'While-U-Wait' Weddings in each glorious session. Delighted couples receive a ring and a certificate valid for 24 hours.

Three Dim Kings - Along with their camels they are searching for a star. Or a stable. Or a baby. Or a map.

Dreary Shoppers - Just one more present to get, and Auntie Mabel's such an awkward size ... 'What I'd give for a nice cuppa tea...me feet are killing me..'.

The Snow Queen - She is cold, magical and glamorous, and she shall have snow wherever she goes. Accompanied by acolytes, she is quite happy to chat about her penguins back home and discuss the latest styles in fridge freezers.

The Bunny Boys - Glasgow's 'premiere erotic dance troupe' cannot be recommended in any way. They are rank. And the last thing you want is to find one sitting on your lap.

The Laird - Often accompanied by his trusty Groundsmen, and occasionally his wife, the Laird likes to mingle at Cultural Events and promote his Highland Estate. And his brewery.

The Nervous Trees - Well you would be 'nervous' - with a crazed and myopic lumberjack in hot pursuit. Especially coming up to Christmas.

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