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Fund-Raising in Scotland


Fundraising Casino Nights, Race Nights, and Balloon Releases in Scotland

Glittering Casino Nights, exciting Race Nights, and spectacular Balloon Releases are some of the fun ways you can raise money for charity or add some excitement to your Wedding, Party or Corporate Event in Scotland.

We have years of experience in fundraising and corporate hospitality, so you can be confident that we will provide you with a professional, high-quality, service at the lowest possible price.

We provide everything for you. All you have to do is provide the "punters" and we will keep them entertained excited, and happy for hours.

Mobile Casino Nights, Casino Nights, and Fun Casinos in Scotland

Mobile Casino Nights in Scotland

Our standard Fun Casino consists of one Blackjack table, one Roulette table, and one Poker table, complete with experienced, professional croupiers.

However, we can supply any number and mixture of Casino tables you want. Anything from one to ten tables.

All of our tables are bespoke, full-size Casino tables.

For larger events, we can also supply a Casino Manager to ensure the evening runs smoothly.

Casino Nights For Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality

You don't charge the guests. Every guest is given some fun-money or Casino chips at the start of the evening. At the end of the evening, the person with the most fun-money or chips, wins a prize.

Casino Nights For Fundraising For Charity Or Your Good Cause

At the start of the evening people buy fun-money from the Banker and then use the fun-money to "buy" casino chips from the casino table. You can charge as much as you like for the fun-money and that is your gross profit e.g. one hundered people buy £20 of fun-money for 10, so the gross profit is £1000. If they buy another £20 of fun money, then your gross profit is £2000.

Deduct the price of the Casino hire and that is your net profit.

Whoever, has the most chips or fun-money at the end of the evening, wins a lovely prize.

Please go to our Casino Night Page for more information about holding a Casino Night.

Mobile Race Nights and Race Nights in Scotland

Mobile Race nights in Scotland

Our funtastic Mobile Race Night comes complete with two large television screens, stands, bookmaker, tote cards. There are eight races and a total of 56 horses. The average Race Night lasts about three hours.

Race Nights For Corporate Hospitality

You don't charge the guests. Every guest is allowed to bet on a horse in each race. At the end of the evening, the people who have won races wins a prize.

Race Nights For Fund-Raising

Participants buy a horse in each race (£2-£5 per horse) and if their horse wins then they receive a prize. Your club or organisation keeps the money.

Please go to our Race Night Page for more information about holding a Race Night.

Texas Hold'em Nights and Tournaments in Scotland

Texas Hold'em Nights in Scotland

The Magic Agency is proud to announce the launch of it's latest service - Texas Hold'em Nights - as seen on TV!

Exciting and fun, a Texas Hold'em Poker Night is suitable for a fund-raising event or corporate entertainment.

Please go to our Texas Hold'em Night Page for more information on how to host your own spectacular tournament.

Balloon Releases and Give-a-Aways in Scotland

Balloon Releases Scotland

Balloon Releases

Great for celebrations, anniversaries, promotions or fund-raising - and a marvellous photo opportunity. Nothing, apart from Fireworks, can can match the colourful and spectacular launch of 500 to 1000 multi-coloured, helium-filled balloons!

The balloons can be in your company or organisations coporate colours and, if desired, can be printed with your message and logo.

Leave everything to us

Once we agree on what colour and type of balloons you want to use, we then order the balloons and arrange any artwork or printing. Then on the day, our professional team arrives on site a few hours before, inflates the balloons, and then releases them from under a large net at the appointed time.

It couldn't be easier!

Give-a-away Balloons

Beautiful, helium-filled balloons on ribbons can also be given away at your promotion or event. Again, these balloons can be printed, in colour, with your message and logo.

Fund-Raising or Promotions

For fund-raising, each participant buys a label which has their name written on it. The label is attached to a helium-filled balloon. The amount can range from 100 - 1000.

At the photo call on the special day, all the balloons are released. The first member of the public who finds a label, and phones the organisation, receives a prize. The person who bought the label, also receives a prize.

Obviously, if it is a company promotion, then the balloons are released and the first member of the public to find a company label wins a prize.

To Hire An Artist, Service Or Attraction

If you wish to get a quote and check availability, then please email us by filling in the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

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