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Medieval musicians in Scotland


Medieval Music in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland

Medieval Musicians in Scotland

Planning a Medieval-themed event or wedding?

Then let our Medieval Musicians create the perfect atmosphere!

Dressed in period costumes, our medieval musicians specialise in performing music from the middle ages on authentic period instruments such as medieval bagpipes, Shawm (oboe), percussion, harp, medieval fiddle, lutes, whistles, and pipes.

Our musicians perform music of the 12th-15th centuries from all over Europe - and especially Scotland, France, Spain and Italy.

So you can be sure they will keep everyone happy.

The group can perform with as little as two musicians - or three or four.

They can also perform as loudly or quietly as you desire.

Our musicians are available for concerts, medieval fairs, feasts, weddings, re-enactments and early dance workshops.

In addition, we can also supply Minstrels, Jugglers, Medieval Living Statues to ensure your Medieval Theme is complete.

To Hire These Artistes

If you wish more information or would like to hire these artistes, then please email us by filling in the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

If you cannot email us, then give us a call on 0141 577 6604.


Music Samples

Here are some samples of their work. Just double-click on the link and it should start playing in Windows Media Player within ten seconds. If you are having trouble playing the MP3 see the Help section at the bottom of this page.

Branles (loud) - MP3 (471KB)

Branles (quiet) - MP3 (471KB)

Amoroso - MP3 (480KB)

Extelux - MP3 (469KB)

Help! How do I play these music files?

It's easy! Just double-click on the link and Windows Media Player (or whatever music player you have installed on your PC) should run and start playing the music file within a few seconds. Make sure you have your speakers plugged in and switched on.

If you have a Broadband internet connection (which is very fast), then the music files should play very smoothly straight away.

However, if you have a standard "Dialup" connection (your modem dials up to allow you to make the connection to the internet) then you will find the music file stops and starts all the time. This is because your PC music player is trying to stream or play the music as it downloads to your hard drive but your internet connection isn't fast enough to play the music smoothly.

If that is what is happening to you, then all you have to do is let the music stagger through once (it is downloading as this is happening) and then it will play at full speed after that. You can then listen to the the music file as many times as you want.

Alternatively, you can download the mp3 first and play it from your Hard Drive. To do this, just right-click on the mp3 link and select "Save target as" from the drop-down menu.

You can then save the mp3 file to your Desktop or any other folder of your choice.

When the mp3 file is completely downloaded, double-click on it and it will play immediately on Windows Media player or whatever music player you have installed.

We hope that has helped you. If not, just give us a ring on 0141 577 6604 and we'll talk you through it.

We're here to help you in any way we can.

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