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Jugglers in Glasgow

Fire-Breather in Scotland


Jugglers, Fire-Eaters, Fire Jugglers, Stilt-Walkers, Unicyclists

Aerial Dance and Light Shows in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland

Welcome to our Juggler, Stilt-Walker, Unicyclist, Fire-Eater and Fire-Breathers page. As we represent the most talented professionals in Scotland, you can be sure that they will add colour, excitement and specatacle to any event or promotion.

Recently our Fire Jugglers were hired to put on a spectacular display for guests as they arrived for the new Bentley car launch at the lovely art deco India of Inchinnan building, in Glasgow.

We are glad to say, the evening was an outstanding success and quite a few cars were sold.

All the artistes listed on this page are professional entertainers with years of experience in doing this sort of work. We do not represent amateurs for this sort of work.

In addition, all performers have full Public Liability Insurance for their acts and these policies are checked by The Magic Agency on a yearly basis.

Please read on, to see how our fearless and talented artistes can help to make your event spectacular and memorable.

Fire Jugglers Scotland

Fire Jugglers Scotland

Our Experienced Professional Fire Jugglers who will create a spectacular display for your Event or Promotion. You don't need Fireworks when these guys are around!

Using Fire-Clubs, Fire-Staffs, Fire Devil-Sticks, and the mighty Fire-Pois, our highly-trained team will amaze and impress any audience.

Fire Jugglers Scotland

In amateur hands, this type of work can be extremely dangerous and that is why The Magic Agency only provides Experienced Professionals who have full Public Liability Insurance and a proven track record in this branch of Juggling.

The Magic Agency also provides safety rules for the event and a written Risk Assessment for the booker, so they can take the adequate steps to ensure an enjoyable and safe performance for the audience.


Stilt Walkers Scotland

Bigger is better and if you want to make an impression, then hire someone who is ten feet tall to do it. Robots, Clowns, Aliens, Avante Guarde, Jugglers, Fire-Eaters, Waitresses ......you name, we can supply it. We even have a Giraffe on Stilts!

We can also provide custom characters made to order. Just tell us what you want and we'll see what we can do.

All our Stilt-Walkers are Experienced Professionals and have full Public Liabilty Insurance... so they walk tall and won't fall down on the job...

Hula Hoop Performers

Hula Hoop Performers Scotland

We have some of the best Hula Hoop perfomers in the business on our books. If you need a Hula Hoop artiste, then you know who to call - and it's not Ghost Busters!

Gentleman George the Juggler

Gentleman George the Juggler

Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls!

See the World's Strongest Juggler perform death-defying acts of a most impressive and fearless nature without the aid of a safety net!

Watch him defy the laws of nature as he juggles cannon balls. Gasp as he fearlessly juggles burning torches. Tremble as he juggles razor-sharp knives over a prone member of the audience. Shiver as he shows his great strength by squashing a peeled grape in his bare hand!

Gentlemen George is representative of the many funny and extremely talented artistes we have on our books. Cannon Balls, Clubs, Knives, Diablo, Fire, Unicycle, Stilts - he does it all!

Whether walking (or cycling on one wheel!) around interacting with the crowds or performing a half-hour set show for audiences, our Gentleman Juggler will keep the customers laughing, gasping with disbelief, and happy.

Gentle George and Mrs. George

Gentleman George has different acts for children, adults, or family audiences and also does Juggling Workshops for Birthday Parties, Schools and Company Team-building sessions.

Whether for adults or children, Gentleman George will add a touch of class and sparkle to your party or event!

If you are really nice, he will even bring his wife (Mrs. Gentleman George) to add to the fun and mayhem.

Juggling Light Shows

So, you want to create a dazzling display in a darkened area but you can't use Fire? Fear not. The Magic Agency has come to the rescue. Try our Juggling Light Shows.

These photographs were not taken under UV light, but just in the darkened conditions of a Night Club. The Juggler's suits and props are powered to light up so you can get all the visual advantages of Fire Juggling without the danger or fire hazard.

The Jugglers can work individually or together to provide some extremely eye-catching displays for your Event. They can act as a fantastic tableau or they can mix and mingle with your guests.

Juggling Light Show Video Sample

If you cannot see the Movie Player here, then check the HELP section at the bottom of the page!

Perfect for Night Clubs, Parties, Late Night Shopping, Turning on the Christmas Lights, or any location that you want to "light up" !

Aerial Dance Performers

Aerial Dancers in Scotland

If you've had the joy of seeing Cirque du Soleil, then will know that Aerial Dance is now an International art form. Aerial Dance artistes perform on lengths of fabric, suspended way overhead, and provide an exhilarating and breathtaking performance that is guaranteed to add that extra, spectacular "something" to your event

Our artistes have performed Internationally in aerial, dance, theatre and film including award winning productions with Leah Stein (USA) and Katrina McPherson (Scotland).

From prestigious events - opening of the Sage Gateshead, London Olympic Torch Relay at the Cutty Sark, Scottish Theatre Critics Awards, to large outdoor aerial theatre with Boilerhouse (one of Scotland's leading theatre company's); from site specific work in both new spaces (Dancebase, Edinburgh) and old (Natural History Museum, British Library, London) to theatre tours with several dance and physical theatre companies, our artistes have a vast range of experience performing in front of an intimate few, or to many thousands of an audience.

The artistes can work solo, as a Duo, or a Trio.

Current Acts

Aerial Dance performer


A beautiful and moving piece of aerial dance set to a specially commissioned score by composer Adrian Williams, sung by renowned vocal ensemble I Fagiolini. Performed on blue silks, Learning can be shown as a solo, duet or ideally as a trio. Learning was originally commissioned by the Sage Gateshead

Daughters of Darkness

Punchy, dynamic, thrilling, thunderball of a routine. Lots of white fabric, red costume and Tom Jones to spice things up

How do I Look?

A lone female, fashion purveyor, a quirky visual aerial treat. One very stylish girl...


Ideal for fun, fantasy or children's events, pixielation can be performed as a solo aerial silk piece, a synchronised silk duet or trio, and can also be offered with stilt walkers for walk about and crowd interaction

Caught in the Act

Comedy cabaret aerial theatre. PC99 gives chase to jester "slip of a thing" - what ensues is lots of baiting, taunting and the odd surprise or two. Can he really catch her or will the jester have the last laugh? Created with Arts in Motion Theatre Company, Caught in the Act can come with a short film that starts and finishes the action.

Femme Fatale

Femme FataleThe definition of a Femme Fatale is "a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive" or "an irresistibly attractive woman, who leads men into danger or disaster".

However, even the great, detective novelist Raymond Chandler, never considered the effect that two irresistibly attractive women on stilts would have on mortal men.

Clad in exotic or fun costumes, these gorgeous girls will start pulses racing as they tower above your guests and whip the boys into shape.

Both are experts with Fire Poi's and can provide a stunning fire display. The girls are also expert Stilt Dancers and like nothing better than to burn up the dance floor with their dance moves. Yes sir, when these girls dance round their handbags, you'd better stay clear.

These beautiful girls are very experienced at meet and greet at Corporate Events and providing interest at Promotions.

However, gentlemen be warned! Their skills were forged in the fires of the wild Ibiza Night Clubs. So as well as being utterly charming to everyone - they can spot a medallion man (with or without chest wig) from a mile away and give him a devastating put-down in the blink of an eye.

Femme Fatale...beautiful...witty...charming... but on occasion...deadly!

For Any Children Reading This Page!

Do not try any of these feats at home. These performers are professionals with years of training and have amazing natural skills.

Ordinary people trying some of these feats (particularly Fire-Eating, Fire Breathing, or Angle Grinding) could die or be severely injured!

To clarify a few terms:

Angle-Grinding is where the Artiste has metal plates attached to their costume or body and produces large plumes of sparks by touching a portable, metal grinder to these plates - very dangerous and spectacular!

Fire-Eating is where the Juggler places a lit torch in his/her mouth and "eats" the flame.

Fire-Breathing is where the Juggler blows a large plume of flame from his/her mouth. Not all Fire artistes perform Fire-Breathing. If you do require someone that does Fire-Breathing, then be sure to stipulate that during your enquiry or booking.

Some Testimonials About Our Stiltwalkers and Jugglers

"All acts were great! Went down very well with the public. Hope to do business with you again some time soon."
Scone Palace.

"The two guys were great last night and did a sterling job."
Taco Bell, VIP opening night.

"Everything went brilliantly, thank you. Please pass on our thanks to the entertainers, who were fantastic.
Kind regards,"
Laura, Kirkcaldy4All.

"Unfortunately we weren’t that lucky with the weather but we had great fun and the guys (Stiltwalking Jugglers)were phenomenal and very engaging with the participants!
Many thanks for organising this for us!
Kind regards,"
Anna Tranchell, WMP Creative, Pedal For Scotland – The Wee Jaunt.

"Thanks very much he (Stiltwalker) did great and was very nice."
Yasmin Hughes, Launch Event.

"Thank you for your help when planning our first direct Masquerade Ball. The fire juggler and silhouette artist were great.
Thanks again."
First Direct Bank.

"Yes completely happy with the service (Juggler and Stilt-walker). Everything was great on the day. Thanks for your help.
Kind Regards,"
Michelle Wallace, Gala Secretary, Crossford Gala.

"Hi, I would just like to send my thanks to your company, the casino crew and the juggler that I hired on saturday night. They were fantastic,and I will not hesitate in using you and your acts again many thanks." - Stacey Millen

"Dear Michael, Just a note to tell you Saltcoats Development Association were delighted with the entertainment provided by the stilt walker, unicyclist and fire eaters you supplied for us on Saturday the 6th November and the fireworks display on Sunday 7th November." - John Baxter, Saltcoats Development Association

"Thanks for the Jugglers and Fire-Eaters. They were brilliant and the event went swimmingly." - 999 Design, Bentley Promotion

"Your Juggler was amazing." - Elmwood College Freshers Day

"Your team of Night Club Jugglers were great." - Glasgow University Sports Association

"The juggler was kept very busy especially with the balloon modelling! They were very busy and I had to do a little crowd control! Could you please pass on my gratitude and BIG BIG thank you to them all. Thanks again for a great service." - Glasgow Alliance, Drumchapel Partnership

To Hire An Artist, Service Or Attraction

If you wish to get a quote and check availability, then please email us by filling in the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

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